A word borrowed from the French, Marotte is called the wand or scepter that has on its top a tiny carved head. Typical accessory of a jester or harlequin, except from its literal meaning, Marotte is translated in German as fad-fury-madness. Thus, just like the trinket hovers over the lanky build, in the same way the body-person will be a fanciful acrobat on a Marotte!

The balance of the Marotte ecosystem is proportional to its diverse artistic reference. The variety of its ideas and aesthetic deviations strengthens its self-regulatory mechanisms and helps this alternative group to continue its levitation complacently and without a safety net … until today. As founding members of the group, Dimitra Kastellou and Konstantina Kastellou form a dual antenna. They receive a clear signal and interact with their choreographic compositions since 2002. Since 2004 they auction their personal vocabulary abroad, and in 2010, in the name of their over-elaborated expressive variation, they officially choose for themselves the name Marotte Performing Arts Company.